Wednesday, March 03, 2010

World Book Day 2010

Every year readers around the world celebrate World Book Day. It is a UNESCO project and in the past we have sorted fiction onto their continents of origin. It has been very interesting.

This year we have a display of our newest books and where they come from.

Books come from everywhere. They give us an inside view of living anywhere, everywhere, any time and every universe!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Delany reads!' week

This year each Stage created a display of books for themselves, displaying favourite books and other reading materials.
Each display was very different however the pics are stuck in a camera and we cannot fnd the lead to download them. Sigh.

For staff, we released the Lexile reading program, and students in Year 7 will be coming to the computer room in Term 3 to find out their Lexile level. We have heaps of new books and the books are really easy to find.

When we get the pics, we will add them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delany Book Club news

The Book CLub met for the first time this year at lunchtime today.

Some were members last year but others are new, so we introduced ourselves and told the group what we are reading.

We are going to meet on Wednesdays and bring our lunch, book and a friend!

Gabrielle (Year 9) is reading The Outsiders.

Reanne (Year 9) is reading The Juliet Club.

Mishlene (Year 10) is reading Protrait of a lady.

Samantha (Year 10) is reading In ecstacy.

Hazel (Year8) is reading New moon.

Bowen (Year 10) is reading The diary of Anne Frank.

Mrs R has just read Declaration.

Next week Students will be hearing about an email from South Carolina.

Maybe we will get PageTurners running again!

Today's scribe: Mrs Radford.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its been a slow start

What a crazy year but a good one too.

First we are getting our special reading area where the staff library used to be. The library looks bigger and more open. Just wait until we get the new shelving and furniture!

Second, we have Mrs Huang with us. If you don't know, she is really experienced with computers and printers and other things that cause us headaches. Remember to smile and say hello for she is still getting to know us.

Third, Tomorrow is BOOK CLUB first day! Yay! Can't wait to see what everyone has been reading!
See you then!

Mrs R

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On receiving an award

Yesterday it was announced that I am Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year for 2008.
Yes, really! What an honour! How unexpected. I need to search for a pic of being knocked over by a feather. My friend Marita thinks I should get one wearing a tiara!
I think I will do both!

It is not that things arent humming here because you and I know that the there is plenty going on and that the whole school is involved. It is unexpected because I see so many school ibraries like this.
Teacher Librarians are passionate people; passionate about their students and reading and passionate about new things. They delight in providing resources for you and get excited about new applications on the Internet. Teacher librarians are innovators and leaders in literacy, information and they are at home in print and the digital world.

I am these things. I am proud to be a member of this profession and proud of my fellow professionals. I think there should be more opportunities to celebrate what we are doing in our schools!

Thank you, Marita, who approached me and the Principal of Delany, Peter Wade in Term 1, and organised my nomination. You have given me the biggest gift of my professional life.

A return visit - La Jolla Country Day School

Some of you met Mrs Xuereb (on the left in this photo), a Library Media Specialist from this school who visited us in June. I called on her at her school in San Diego on my way back to Australia. First, it is a private school and also a very special school. There are 2 libraries and 3 Teacher librarians. What did I like?
  • The way their computers were installed on tables. Took little room and easy access. There were 50 computers for students to use in the library.

  • The way the prizewinning books were shelved at the entry to the library.

  • The tables were organised for seniors to use at any time.

    That amazing lounge space for quiet reading. It had amazing windows and views.

    The reading competition. What I liked was so many students actually completed this. I think the prize was a barbacue. Sounds good to me!

    What I DIDNT like, was my hard disk corruption and I lost all the photos.
    I also LOVED the bright pink bits in Mrs Xeureb's hair and had arranged to have my hair done too, so I also didnt like having to cancel because another appointment was more important. (Sigh!)
    So many good things and I have no pictures!

    Mrs R, who is now safely back at work with a head full of ideas!

  • Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Update 8: London (2)

    The second visit was to Woolwich Polytechnic, an old school which has been moved to brand new buildings. The Library Manager, Mrs Humphries, also manages much of the computer services for staff and students and has recently toured other libraries. She is enthusiastic about visiting just as I am! This school has a lot of students who are new to English, and I was very interested in the Accelerated Reader program that they are offering. We will have a look at this too.

    Most UK libraries that I saw are not big spaces but they use the space they have very well. Have a look at the this bay end at Woolwich.

    Mrs R, who is moving on the Florida!