Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delany Book Club news

The Book CLub met for the first time this year at lunchtime today.

Some were members last year but others are new, so we introduced ourselves and told the group what we are reading.

We are going to meet on Wednesdays and bring our lunch, book and a friend!

Gabrielle (Year 9) is reading The Outsiders.

Reanne (Year 9) is reading The Juliet Club.

Mishlene (Year 10) is reading Protrait of a lady.

Samantha (Year 10) is reading In ecstacy.

Hazel (Year8) is reading New moon.

Bowen (Year 10) is reading The diary of Anne Frank.

Mrs R has just read Declaration.

Next week Students will be hearing about an email from South Carolina.

Maybe we will get PageTurners running again!

Today's scribe: Mrs Radford.

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