Monday, January 01, 2007

FanFiction followers ... and a holiday update

I know some of you are involved in fan fiction, so you make be interested in this Harper Teen Fanlit promotion. Unfortunately the fine print says that we are not eligible to compete, but you may like to take a look. It is sad that in these global days, promotions like this get restricted geographically. Maybe we could ask Harper Australia to do something similar for us.

Keep reading, everyone! I have finished The Secret river, and also The secret life of bees. If you are an older reader and would like to read a book about a teenaged girl in the American South, then try this. It is brilliant!

Mrs Radford


Rosette said...

It's a shame not everyone can join :( Those books you've been reading sound interesting! I got my hands on the Noughts and Crosses series and read them both in like a Day or two! They arereally, really good! Right now, I'm re-reading Rani and Sukh

Bill said...

I went to Vanuatu for a week holiday. All beaches, tropical forest, great food, coral and sun but I still had to read five books to stay sane!

Mrs R said...

Comments on this blog are monitored - that means I have to approve them before they are posted. So why did I approve this one from Bill?

Everyone... meet my brother, who was checking out this site. He is a HUGE reader and left us this message.
He is one of the organisers of the New Zealand Science Fairs for students and takes the winners to China most years.
Apart from that, he is an engineer and a sculptor.