Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Book Club is running again

We held our first meeting today and we planned what we will do this year.

Rosette says we can put a regular update in the school newsletter and that should work.
Christy says we should take turns writing it. Rosette will be first.

Mrs R Says we can help at the 'Delany reads! bookweek in March.

Reanne is in Year 7 and likes to read fantasy, adventure, mystery and action.
Precilla is reading the Skyflower and is of 2 minds about it so far.
Christy is in Year 7 likes Lemony Snicket and series and Roald Dahl.
Susie is in Year 7 too, and likes hip hop books, Tashi books, and big books, scary, funny, romance and more.
Sarah is reading 'Crybaby' and '10 things I hate about me'. She says its awesome!
Amanda has read 'Elsewhere,' and says its the best book ever.
Samantha is reading 'Does my head look big in this?' and it is excellent.
Kimberly is also in Year 7, and likes to read Paul Jennings, Harry Potter and funny books and more.
Rosette is chairing the meeting. We will get what she is reading later.
(She has finished 'Saving Francesca' and is reading 'Noughts and crosses' again).

Some of our friends from last year came to see us today. They are not coming to Book Club every week but they will help with Book Week in March.

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