Sunday, March 25, 2007

Delany Book awards... some questions

Each year we read and vote on the Children's Book Council short list to find Delany's Book of the Year. But these books do not seem to represent the books that Delany students really like to read, and the purpose of the Delany Awards is about promoting and enjoying reading.

Students will come and look over the nominated books and walk away, and fewer and fewer students want to take part. You just do not want to read many of these books.

It is not that we are not discerning readers; we are very good at picking winners... or is it that the CBC judges are right in their choices?

So this year we are re-thinking our selection process.
We would like a selection of books that many people would like to read.

Let's do it a different way.
Let's still have Delany College Book Awards, but read a different set of books.

So.. WHICH BOOKS? We need some limits:
1. Published in 2006
2. Internationally - can include books from overseas as well.
3. In the Delany Library ( or available for purchase for the library).
4. ?

We have 2 weeks to discuss this. Whether you read this on the blog or on the noticeboard,
think about it and talk about it with your friends.

How would YOU select a list of 6 books to read for 2007? Meantime I will ask the staff to see if they have any ideas.

If you want to be part of the team that makes these decisions, see Mrs Radford now please.
Get thinking!

Mrs R.

Maybe there are other schools that would like to join this? Please contact me.

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