Saturday, October 20, 2007

My most UN- favourite place!

Also known as Gatwick airport. I was there far too long, faced with far too many queues, and faced 2 full security checks. I asked why I had won the lottery, and the woman said ' You were next through, Maam', so they did not even think I was suspicious! No picture of Gatwick - it does not deserve one!
So goodbye UK, and hello USA!


Marita Thomson said...

Sounds fabulous Mrs R (except for Gatwick). Has someone warned US authorities that you are coming?

Delany Library said...

Well, apparently someone has! I have a 'SSSS' rating on my boarding passes which entitles me to a a 'Super search' every (absolutely EVERY) time.
Sometimes I take it with a grain of salt, but when they leave me standing in some scanning pen for minutes at a time, I get decidedly cranky. It would not pay to show this! Sigh! I am considering routing via Canada next trip.