Monday, October 15, 2007

Update from London

Last week I attended a conference in Wolverhampton on 'Inspiring teenagers: Web 2.0 and libraries.' Now that is what our library site is about. (The blogs, the applications like Librarything, our delicious accounts.... the clustr map and our test drive sections, are all Web 2.0 aspects.)
I got a big surprise when, during one session, our librarything flashed on the screen! The presenter used it to show how it could be used.
What you are doing when you use the services on our site, is you are helping us work out what the school library site of the future may look like.
Thank you for being involved!

And hey! London rocks! Last night was Saturday night... we got lost on the way to Chinatown, 'rescued' by a rickshaw driver, and enjoyed a fabulous chinese banquet. By the time we tumbled out onto the street, London was buzzing! We took a second rickshaw home, and the ride was marked by three rickshaws burning off from the lights. Our guy won!! We have a movie of this ride, but it needs changing into a .mpeg. Maybe it will get posted and maybe not.

Tomorrow I have dinner with London teacher librarians, and the day after.. it is Paris!

Take care everyone

Mrs R

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