Saturday, February 23, 2008

Think Tank, please meet the TAG_Ls

This year, the users of our resourced learning space are spending time considering how it is used and how it could better serve the changing needs of both staff and students. I like the idea, because we can fine tune the space, services, activities, resources, as our needs and wishes change.
The Think Tank ( made up of staff members) will be conducting a full staff meeting in May, and the students introduced their L_TAG... sorry... TAG_L to the whole school last Thursday.
Why are we doing this? Because as education, learning, and libraries change, (First mention of the word 'library') we want a resourced learning space and services that help staff and students with resourcing and information services, efficiently, and empower them as teachers and learners.

More, we want it to be fun and to attract students, feeding their curiosity and encouraging students as readers. We want a wide range of activities and we want them to have a purpose that meets the ALA standards for the 21st-Century Learner that we have adopted.

Meantime, the TAG_L are setting up a lunch meeting with the Student Leadership Team.

I am making a note to charge the batteries so we get some pictures of this group this time. It should be good!

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