Monday, May 19, 2008

Delany Reads! Week 2008

The theme for 2008 is 'Community'. This year Delany Reads! Week involves students, staff, and local librarians. Today, Monday, students bought for students. 14 students went to our local Borders and bought up big for the fiction collection.
The TAG_L had told the whole school about it at assemby and then gathered suggestions from everyone at home room. We spent a session discussing how to buy for other people. We looked at the group to which each was assigned, and thought about the range of people, ages, gender, English speaking ability, those that loved reading, those that didnt.. those that are sport mad and ... more.
Then this morning we descended on Borders and set up our base in Gloria Jeans. We had a reserved corner, so we piled books and checked our catalogue on our laptop.
We only had 2 periods out of school and we were soon in a buying frenzy!

Towards the end, we checked our purchases and grabbed bags of books and fled for the bus. Next time, we need more time!
Expect photos when the photographer forwards some to us!

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