Friday, July 04, 2008

End of Term and what happened?

It started with Delany Reads Week and the Borders buying trip. We are STILL completing the cataloguing for this. You bought some really amazing books, many of which are not in any of the libraries in our union catalogue!
Then we had the Librarians visit. Since then, we have had regular contact with these librarians and now we have latest information on our noticeboard.
The Manga workshop has created a big interest and I am going buying again over the holidays!

Then we had a couple of weeks before we launched Delany Book of the Year.
We have the 3 sets of 6 books featured at Circulation and there are more students than usual reading. However the Younger Readers selection has a very wide range from Year 3 to Year 8 levels and already the L_TAG are wondering if we should be looking at a different way to select our short list.

George is busy working out how to organise the Book of the Year Awards morning tea with the L_TAG for his gold award and today held his first meeting with the group. It's looking good, George! Last year we entered the morning tea through the doors of Hogwarts Library; this year promised to be even more interesting.

The L_TAG also came up with the idea that the library is tatty and needs to be renovated. The staff Think Tank think that too and so do I.
I have bought a book called 'Rethink'. which is about renovating libraries. Right now the groups are looking at how we want to use the library and the future, because that will make a lot of difference to what we do.
If you see any great ideas at libraries you visit, please email the librarian on the delany library site, or let someone on the L_TAG or Think Tank know.

So what else?
While Mrs Meehan was on Long Service leave, we have had Miss V with us. She will be back soon though, when Mrs Radford goes on leave! Thank you for your help, Miss V.

We also had a visitor from San Diego in June. Mrs Xureb from San Diego came to visit. She was full of vitality and interest in what Aussie students are reading. I will get to visit her library in San Diego in October. Wait for the pics!

Have a fantastic 2 week break everyone, and don't forget to read a book when the weather is cold and rainy.

Mrs R

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