Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Are you a MySpace member?

Try the web search in MySpace. I have tested it with 3 of the topics being studied in the library in March, and again today, I was showing someone the web search and we got different, useful responses for the Year 8 water task. Try it next time you are researching.
About profiles. It is good to see how Delany students are now much more careful on the Web. In March, when I first visited MySpace, most profiles were public and many of you had photos that could identify you really easily. Now most of you have friends-only profiles, and if your profile is open it is obvious you have thought about what to put up.
People are using these site in different ways now. Are you using your space for your studies? If so, show me how.
About parents. That is the other good news. Every one of the students who have talked to me about MySpace said that their parents either knew of their membership, or had seen their pages. Parents should know about these things else they will not keep up with you and with the rapidly changing technology. It could be useful to show your parents the security pages in MySpace. These are very clear and sensible.

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