Monday, September 04, 2006

Yr 8 Science are now using !

I posted about delicious back in July. The library has an account called delany_library and the link is on the website. Find it on the left hand column.

Year 8 are doing a task about Sydney water and they need to decide whether Sydney should be recycling or desalinating water.

I have found some sites for them and have 'tagged' them with Yr8, Science, and water. Some are also tagged waterCycle, desalination or recycling.

Year 8, you can find links by clicking a tag.

What is so good about delicious? It is easy and convenient - it is like your favourites in IE, except you can access them from any computer and in any browser.
It is also good because you choose how to sort your collection.

For me, the best part is I can see what other people are tagging on my topic. I pick up excellent links by networking with users who collect similar topics.

It is an excellent tool for students.

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