Sunday, February 25, 2007

The countdown is on... err why?

'DELANY READS! WEEK ' starts on Wednesday...

Our Scholastic Book Fair arrives Wednesday.

Reading aloud sessions start on Wednesday at lunchtime - bring your lunch.
(Different readers and different books every day).

Now just HOW MANY books have the readers group read?
Check out the box in the library and record your guess. One guess each.
Mystery prize inside! Hint: You won't need a sugar fix for a long long time!

You think you are observant?
Answer 10 very simple questions correctly and be in the draw for a store voucher.
All the answers are VISIBLE in the library - that means you do not have to open a book or move anything. Just cast your eyes around the library. Simple!

Come and enjoy. In case you forget, there will be a million reminders around the school. Thank you readers, for organising this.

On Tuesday 6 March - Library Open day.

Check out the next post for more details.

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