Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We have THREE competitions

The first is for the observant...

We called it hide n seek, but we did the hiding and you do the seeking.
Snoop around the library for the answers to 10 questions.
HINT: You can see all the answers. There is no need to touch or move anything.

Pick up a form from the Library staff.

The second is from the Readers group
They have filled this VERY large box will the books they have read from the library.
Now all you have to do is Guess how many there are.
1 guess per person - Recorded by the library staff.

And finally...
The theme in the library this week is Reading matters (exclamation mark)*
How many words can you and your friends find in 'Reading matters'?
Up to 4 people per group. English words of 3 letters or more.
See the cabinet for an example of how to set your answer out.

And remember... Reading REALLY DOES matter

* This blogging program does not permit the use of the exclamation mark character

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