Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome back everyone!

It is day ONE of a new school year.
Welcome to the Year 7 students who were sitting in the library a few minutes ago!
After the end of a morning of information and introductions, it was finally my turn! You were so good! We learned that READING MATTERS in this library, and that students are involved in keeping it a very up-to-date and friendly through our L_TAG! What does L_TAG mean? Listen at Assembly next week!

I could see that you liked the idea of the students going shopping for library books - more about that later.
Then you did what the students at Doncaster did - you filled out profiles for the library walls. Come in and read what you are looking forward to, and who you like to read and why! Maybe we will take a pic and share them with the students in Doncaster too!

Mrs R
(Sorry no pics today - I forgot to bring my camera!)

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